Basic Course in Crisis & Trauma Counseling,2014


The Basic Course was undertaken upon the request of REACH-M, a partner non-government organization of CORE-H2H, based in Chandel District. The district is one the most under-developed in Manipur. It is widely recognized, in literature as well as in practice, that people who have experienced life-threatening or otherwise traumatic experiences have an increased risk of suffering from long lasting psychological distress. People who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation, suffered sexual abuse including rape, conflict related violence such is displacement, interpersonal violence, torture, sudden death in the family have often been traumatized by a number of terrible events. In many cases the trauma is multiple, not just one-time events. The vulnerability is heightened when the victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation are young people or children, posing an extraordinary challenge to help them in their healing process. To assist them in dealing with the psychosocial consequences, individuals working with them need to be trained to provide such assistance.

Basic CoursePlease Click to Download the Full Report

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