The Human to Humane Transcultural Centre for Torture and Trauma

The Human to Humane Transcultural Centre for Torture and Trauma (H2H) is an independent health and humanitarian service for survivors of Torture & Trauma in Manipur, India.

Mission of H2H: The centre seeks to address an existing gap of comprehensive and effective institution-based healthcare response to the high prevalence of widespread trauma and torture, and their consequences on the people of Manipur in the context of long-standing political violence, internal armed conflict, and escalating criminal violence.

Torture is a hidden crime against humanity and the tortured suffer in silence and shame. Torture must end in a civilized society. In order to put an end to torture, we have a responsibility to respect and honor the rights of the victims. That end can only become a reality when we reveal torture from under its cloak of invisibility. Competent professional help to the survivors of torture makes that possible.


• Health, Human Rights and Humane Values: motivated by concern with the alleviation of suffering.
• Cultural Competence: skills, knowledge, and understanding about client’s culture to assess and intervene in a culturally appropriate manner.
• Universal Ethics: client self-determination, truth telling, do no harm, do good, justice, and promise keeping.
• Minimum Standards: international client monitoring & evaluation (M&E) guidelines and protocols.
• Interdisciplinary therapeutic model: an integrated menu of modern and alternative client-centred therapies.
• Rehabilitation and Redress: empowering the torture survivor to resume as full a life as possible and relieving the suffering of and affording justice to victims by removing or redressing to the extent possible the consequences of the wrongful act.

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