Our Antecedents

Before the existence of CORE NUPI, as a Women’s programme CORE Manipur, has been working since 1999 in the area of Gender Empowerment and Women’s Leadership under the project, named Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) and Reproductive Health and Rights. Under the project of this WLP, CORE Nupi has conducted leadership training programmes for the indigenous women’s and youths in the States of Assam and Manipur.

The training manual “Leading to Choices” was translated in Meiteilon and Assamese for better understanding and user friendliness for our indigenous women leaders. A series of trainings at Manipur and Assam were conducted using the translated “Leading to Choices” manual. The women trainees from Assam and Manipur participated the “World Social Forum” held in Mumbai from 16-21 January 2004 to share and strengthen their knowledge in a seminar. As a part of Gender Empowerment, CORE NUPI has actively worked with the traditional women’s market (Nupi Keithel) to protect and strengthen the ancient indigenous traditional market in Khwairamband, Imphal Manipur as a women’s commercial guild.

In partnership with UUSC we have organized a number of documentation and training programmes.  Through the Guwahati University Women’s Studies Centre we have held a 3-day orientation course on the Human Rights of Women, Feminism and Gender Issues in indigenous societies in the North East in which altogether 40 women, 5 men and 12 lecturers participated. CORE NUPI also participated in the Asia Social Forum and a training programme for women’s rights in Kathmandu.

In 2011, CORE NUPI submitted a report on the Nupi Keithel, “The Nupi Keithel: Indigenous Women’s Market Guild of Manipur” to the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (EMRIP) in accordance to United Nations Human Rights Council resolution A/HRC/15/7 entitled “human rights and indigenous peoples” requesting EMRIP to “give examples of good practices at different levels of decision-making”.

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