How We Work

CORE NUPI, a group of indigenous women, is divided into a research team and project team, and is supported by an administrative team. The research and project teams are each led by a Coordinator. The administrative support team is a three-member team consisting on an administrative officer and an assistant who also acts as its accounts/finance officer, and an Office Assistant which helps in outdoor task.  Overall, CORE NUPI is answerable to CORE’s Elders’ Council, which is a gender balanced executive council of eight (8) members that authorises, appoints, decides on organisational development matters, and also advises on programmatic content whenever it is sought. CORE NUPI works in alliance with dedicated indigenous women’s organisations belonging to different tribal communities who are partners in action.

For Further Information, Please Contact:

CORE NUPI e mail ID: nupi[at]coremanipur[dot]org

Nikola Devi Soraisam, Coordinator (Projects) nikola[at]coremanipur[dot]org

Kumari Naorem, Coordinator (Research) kumari[at]coremanipur[dot]org

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