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Sonia Nepram : An Independent Filmmaker from Manipur,India

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Gun and a God” is Sonia Nepram’s directorial debut and was released online on the 22nd March,2013 on Vimeo first and later in YouTube as it received a major viewership. The film is about the journey of a woman who was victimized by the structural violence of the society. She then found her voice in a gun and justice in a god. It portrays the face of Manipuri women who goes through layers of struggle.

Gun and a God” also won the Jury Choice Award in the prestigious Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival (MWIFF) 2013

Please visit the link to the “Gun and a God” in Youtube

Please visit her Facebook Page 

 Siddharth Haobijam : An Independent Filmmaker from Manipur,India

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Siddharth Haobijam is an aspiring film maker and so far made some short videos; his documentary, titled “The Unheard Voice” was screened at different venues including in the transgender festival in Guwahati (August 9,2014),organized by Xukia, in association with Sapho for Equality, Pratyay Gender Trust and Goethe-Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata in collaboration with SAHRA, India.

Siddharth Haobijam is also a documentary photographer and a journalist. His photo essays and multiple photos have appeared in publications both in India and outside India.He has worked on various important themes of the state including Nupi Maanbi (transgenders of Manipur), Shumang Leela (traditional travelling theatre),Mary Kom ,Imphal Talkies among others

Please visit the link to the “The Unheard Voice “

Please visit his Facebook Page

Hmar : A Dance event by one of the most colorful ethnic groups of Manipur

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The Hmar Youth Association (HYA) was established in the year 1985. With its motto “To do good deeds, to inculcate good behaviour and to be altruistic”, the HYA is a modern substitution for the famous traditional “Dormitory Institution” and the “Val-Upa” or “Youth Commanders” of the Hmars and other tribes of North East India.

Chawn-Lam: This is the main dance of the Hmar tribes. Chawn-lam or “Harvest Dance” is a dance that is performed during the harvesting festival. It is performed both by male and female. The boys and girls are arranged systematically outside the dancing place. Each row is headed by leader of each gender. Then they enter the dancing ground. Each row jumps face to face according to the sounds of drums. Each dance has its specific style of drumming. Gong string, bell bangles are the additional musical instrument which make the dancing more pleasing. The boys are expert in beating the drums according to the need of the rhythmic tunes. Jumping, stepping and other activities pertaining to dance are done according to the line of song and rhythmic tunes of musical instruments.

Please visit Wikipedia entry on Hmar

Nachom Arts of Contemporary Movement

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Founded by Surjit Nongmeikapam , Nachom Arts of Contemporary Dance(Movement), Manipur believes that Modern Dance/interdisciplinary art can bring the new generation together and show their hidden talents. Modern Dance can take the form of expressive, therapeutic/rehabilitation work, education,social issues and community work in order to improve physical/mental health, creativity, communication and collaborative skills.
Nachom Arts of Contemporary Dance(Movement), Manipur had already invited International Movement Teachers/Choreographers such Kaori Naka (Japan) and Karolin Kent (Sweden) to name a few.

Please visit the link to the Nachom in Vimeo

Please visit Nachom’s Facebook Page


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Laihui was established in 1985, under the guidance of late Oja Thongam Thoiba (Pena Guru). The center has been functioning in consultation with various experts and gurus from various field viz. Oja Kh. Mangi, late Maharaj Kumari Binodini Devi, Oja L. Yaima, late Oja Kumar Amaibi, Oja Th. Ningthemjao, Ema O. Dhani Amaibi, Ema Langathel Thoinu, Oja Bidhu, Dr. K.B. Singh, Dr. W. Ibohal Singh, Dr. L. Gojendra, Smt. Priti Patel (Manipuri Dance Exponent), Oja Subol (Pung) and Gopeshwor. At present Laihui has its own land stead but has not been able to start construction and its office and rehearsal space are running out of a rented building.

So far, Laihui has conducted various intense researches on Traditional and Indigenous Arts of Manipur. Many gurus and artistes of this centre have engaged themselves in various Seminars, Workshops and Performances in and outside India. Since 1995, every five years, Laihui has been organizing “Festival of Performing Traditional Arts”.

Please visit Laihui’s Facebook Page

Rewben Masangva

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Affectionately called as the Guru (teacher) , he is a folk musician and singer from Manipur, India. He is known for reviving musical tradition of the Tangkhul Naga of Manipur, and use of traditional musical instruments in his songs. Influenced by musicians like Bob Dylan and Bob Marley, Rewben Mashangva has created many Naga tribal folk songs based on blues and ballad rhythms.He is known by different names like, Bob Dylan of the Nagas and King of Naga folk blues,Father of Naga folk blues. He received the National Tribal Award 2011-12, for his contribution to the development of tribal music from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.

Mashangva was featured in the first season of The Dewarists along with The Raghu Dixit Project

Please visit Wikipedia entry on Rewben Mashangva 


The Quiet River Quartet

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The Quiet River Quartet is an indie rock band from Imphal, formed in December 2013. The band comprises of Dinesh(drums), Bhupen(guitars), Nitin(vocals,guitars) and Avinash(bass). They have been creating waves in the north east playing gigs like the River Bank Music Festival

Please visit their page at Reverbnation


Imphal Talkies

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Imphal Talkies is a band from Imphal, formed in the summer of 2008. The band, now based in New Delhi, consists of Akhu Chingangbam, Sachidananda Angom, Riki Chingangbam and Raju Athokpam. The band’s debut album was titled Tidim Road. Imphal Talkies performs in both English and Manipuri, and have played at a number of venues in and around the capital.

Akhu Chingangbam, the front man and songwriter of the band has been featured on season two of The Dewarists. He collaborated with Asian Dub Foundation, and the two produced ‘Qutub Minar’. He is also the founding member of the Imphal Music Project. The band are currently working on writing and releasing their second full length release.

Please click to visit their facebook page

The wisHess

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The wisHess is a band from Imphal, Manipur (India) that specialized in Heavy Metal/ Power Metal. If you appre ciate bands like Judas Priest, Metallica, Dragon Force, Megadeth,ACDC, then you will like these guys. With the debut original song,“Its always too late” for the first time on stage, they won the district wise (Bishnupur District) Manipur rock Idol for 2010-2011 . Since then, there have  been no turning back for these rockers.

Winner of Jampad Hornbill International Rock Contest 2014 in collaboration with 4 Degrees of Freedom (Ranchi), they also opened for Denmark’s band “Dawn of Demise”. The wisHess was the only band from northeast selected from Northeast region by MACS to perform at world AIDS day celebration in Delhi.

Please Download the band’s full profile here


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