CORE Nupi (CORE Indigenous Women)

nupi lan


(CORE Women)

About Ourselves

CORE NUPI (CORE Indigenous Women’s Section) is an integral and autonomous indigenous women’s section of the Centre for Organization Research & Education (CORE) formally launched on April 2015, to strengthen indigenous women’s leadership in their communities in the North eastern region of India. CORE NUPI is exclusively led and managed by indigenous women under the overall mission mandate of CORE.

NUPI is the word for “woman” in Meiteilon (one of the indigenous languages widely spoken in Manipur).

Our Mission

In the context of CORE’s mission “Working towards recognition and respect for the right to a self- determined future in partnership with the Indigenous Peoples of the North Eastern Region of India, with respect for our ancient inheritance building on our faith in humanity’s role of trusteeship of resources in peace with all other peoples”, CORE NUPI’s mission is to work collectively towards the strengthening of the role and status of indigenous women in the communities in the areas of conflict resolution, traditional knowledge and health systems, land tenure and ownership, minor forestry, agriculture, community welfare, education of the young in traditional language and knowledge, indigenous spirituality and belief systems and related issues that threaten indigenous communities of the region, within the framework of the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples (UNDRIP) and core international human rights and humanitarian law.