CORE and H2H Staffs

Dr Laifungbam Debabrata Roy


Dr. Laifungbam Debabrata Roy :President of CORE, L. D. Roy is an MBBS from Christian Medical College/Madras University and an MPH from Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)/Free University of Amsterdam. He is Co-Founder of CORE and H2H. He was also Project Manager, Continuum of Care Project (WHO India and OXFAM) from 1994-1996; Executive Director, CORE 2006-2009; Chairperson, Steering Committee of the Human to Humane Transcultural Centre for Trauma and Torture, 2009-till present and President, CORE Elder’s Council from 2010 – till present. He has been nominated by the government of Manipur as an expert member of the newly constituted State Mission Steering Committee (SMSG) for providing direction, policy and guidance for implementation of the ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) programme, a.k.a. “Anganwadi” scheme, in Manipur.


Dr.Immanuel Zarzosang Varte

Immanuel Varte

Dr. Immanuel Zarzosang Varte : Executive Director, Immanuel holds a Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology with specialization in Tribal Development Studies, a Gold Medalist in Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and a Bachelor of Arts from North-Eastern Hill University. Dr. Immanuel is also currently a Visiting Faculty at Department of Tribal Studies, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University- Regional Campus Manipur. He is also currently Joint Secretary of the Hmar Inpui (Hmar Supreme House), an apex body of all Hmar-Mizo tribes in India and abroad.


Namdithiu Pamei

Namdithiu Pamei

Namdithiu Pamei: Deputy Director Namdithiu has been with CORE since 2006, leading our field teams and acting as the head of our legal advocacy team. He has a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Arts from North-Eastern Hill University, and a Masters of Arts in Sociology from Madurai Kamaraj University. He is Coordinator the IRCT Asia Regional Meeting.


 Kumari Naorem


 Kumari Naorem : Client Service Professional . She has been with CORE ,working in the H2H for the last one year . Beside helping CORE with her expertise , she is also a wonderful wife and have a loving husband and two daughters.

Khangembam Somorjit Singh


Khangembam Somorjit Singh : He is the account officer at CORE . He has been with CORE for more than 6 months now

Sophy Lukram










Sophy Lukram: Assistant Administrative Officer, Sophy has a Bachelor of Science from Manipur University in 2009. Upon graduation she joined the CORE research team in 2009. Sophy works both in the office conducting research as well as in the field. She is finance in charge of the upcoming AR Meeting.

Takhelmayum Sunitibala Devi











Takhelmayum Sunitibala Devi  : Senior Counsellor, Sunitibala has been with CORE-H2H since 2010, before which she worked as a counselor with the Assam State AIDs Control Society. Sunitibala has a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Dhanamanjuri College of Arts and later in 2007 graduated with a Master of Arts in Psychology from Guwahati University. Sunitibala works almost exclusively in the field conducting client visits as well as facilitating additional programmes conducted by H2H and CORE. She is administration in charge of the IRCT-ARMeeting event.


Yumkham Kriti Devi


Yumkham Kriti Devi : Administrative Officer Kriti has been working with CORE for the last four years. She is also a devoted wife and has two sons.


Longjam Memcha


Longjam Memcha : Office Assistant has been working with CORE for the last 15 years.


M.Mary Zou



M.Mary Zou : As office Assistant , she has been very resourceful in the maintenance of CORE and H2H office.

Nangsha Alice


Nangsha Alice :  As office Assistant, she has been efficiently helping in the running the day to day office maintenance of CORE and H2H

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