At the Centre for Organisation Research and Education we look for passionate and dedicated people to join our expanding outreach efforts. Our office is multicultural just like our focus, we seek individuals with a strong desire to work in a dynamic and challenging environment who are self motivated, driven and can work well with the rest of our staff, and are unafraid to innovate to help improve our programmes.

CORE Fellowship:

Core Fellows have come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from academics, activists, students, journalists, health professionals, physical therapists, dancers,  musicians, artists and photographers. Fellows work intimately with our staff in such endeavors as research, programme development, new media engagement and outreach, advocacy as well as the development of workshops on a variety of topics and skills, previous workshops have dealt with topics such as dance therapy, social media engagement, documentation and research in the field, in addition to a variety of topics.  CORE links Fellows with housing, contacts, translators and whatever additional support we are able to provide that might be required in a case by case basis. Fellows will also be matched with a resource person/mentor, depending on the Fellows area of work to act as their point person in achieving their goals. 

At the end of your Fellowship we require that Fellows present to our staff their work as well as conclusions, suggestions and a written assessment of our Fellowship program, in turn, the Fellow will  receive letters of assessment from both the Fellows resource person in CORE as well as a letter from our Executive Director. 

Fellowships are generally 2-3 months long but can be extended or shortened depending on candidates interests, focus and involvement within our organisation. The candidate is  required to provide for their own travel to and from Imphal as well as certain meals. CORE can assist in arranging home-stay, but if the candidate choses, they can opt to lodge in a hotel for the duration of their stay in Imphal, for which they will be responsible.

While we accept applications for our Fellowship on a rolling basis we generally only take 2-3 per year. To apply we require a cover letter of introduction, a CV as well as a written proposal no longer then 500 words, outlining the prospective Fellows intended activities and their duration, and for international candidates a copy of your passport information.


While we maintain high standards of sfaety and caution at all times, while working, Manipur is still in a conflict/post-conflict situation, despite the lifting of the Protected Area Permit, we require all Fellows, Interns, and volunteers to sign a waiver acknowledging the risks involved in operating in Manipur and releasing CORE, our partners and affiliated programmes from legal or finacial responsibility and/or prosecution in the case of any unforeseen situations that might occur while working with us, including but not limited to, death, injury, sickness, or kidnapping.