Urgent Appeal: Manipur Police Assault Indigenous Women At Loktak Lake

Repost from Internationaloutcry.org

By  Dec 29, 2011

The Citizens’ Concern for Dams and Development (CCDD) has issued the following urgent appeal concerning a brutal assault on a group of eleven Meitei women who were protesting against the ongoing forced evictions at Loktak Lake in Manipur, India.

According to the appeal, the Manipur police charged at the women with batons during a protest at the Thanga Ithing Village in Chingjin in the Bishenpur District on December 19. The police also fired tear gas and about 200 rounds of ammo in an attempt to disperse the protesting women. However, that attempt ultimately failed.

One of the women, Ms Oinam Akasini, is still in a serious condition and has been referred to the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences in Lamphelpat. Two other women have also been advised to undergo further medical checkups due to their injuries.

All the injured women were taking part in a protest organized by the All Loktak Lake Fishermen’s Union and the All Manipur Thanga People’s Welfare Association to repeal the Manipur Loktak Lake Protection Act, 2006.

Since November 15, the Manipur state government has been exercising the draconian measures of the ACT to burn down the Meitei’s traditional floating homes on Loktak Lake.

At the time the evictions were last reported on Intercontinental Cry(November 19) nearly 200 homes had already been set ablaze. That count has since risen to 1,147.

Send an appeal letter in support of the women AND the Meitei people! Visit http://www.urgentappeals.net/support.php?ua=AHRC-UAC-251-2011.