Who we are:

Immanuel Zarzosang Varte, Ph.D, Honorary Executive Director: Immanuel holds a Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology with specialization in Tribal Development Studies, a Gold Medalist in Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and a Bachelor of Arts from North-Eastern Hill University. Immanuel over the past two decades as a research scholar, student leader and community leader has worked toward conflict resolution within his own indigenous community as well as among others in India and elsewhere. 

He have been carrying out or leading researches on development and related issues through both his academic and extra-curricular engagements in several capacity as a human rights expert, peace-builder, social worker, academician, student leader, executive of non-government organisations and so on. His experience and understanding – both theoretical and practical of development and development related issues are deep and unique.

Namdithiu Pamei, Deputy Director: Namdithiu has been with CORE since 2006, leading our field teams and acting as the lead of our legal advocacy. He has a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Arts from North-Eastern Hill University, and a Masters of Arts in Sociology from Madurai Kamaraj University.      

Kriti Devi Yumkham, Administrative Officer: Kriti graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Manipur University in 2012, since then she has worked with CORE assisting in analytical research and pattern recognition in human rights abuses.

Sophy Devi Lukram, Assistant Administrative Officer: Sophy has a Bachelor of Science from Manipur University in 2009. Upon graduation she joined the CORE research team in 2009. Sophy works both in the office conducting research as well as in the field.

Nikola Devi Soraisam, Programme Coordinator: Nikola has been with CORE since 2005, first as Assistant Administrative Officer and later as Administrative Officer for both CORE and H2H.

Memcha Longjam, Office Assistant: Memcha has been with CORE since 2007 helps with all ancillary work in the office and whatever other help our staff might need.